Proyecto USA

Miguel is different. Although he can be very tiresome, is passionate about what he does.

He love movies, psychology, music, teaching and illusionism. He studied for making a cocktail of all this.

He thinks know what he does, but is not aware where he has gotten into.

He is responsible for bringing the project to a good conclusion, in one way or another.

Think a card...

Christian is a good person, drives himself crazy and doesn't know say no.

He has high hopes for PROYECO USA, so that in his own words: "I will do whatever it takes...".

He is demanding of himself and always defends what he believes is right.

He trained as a criminologist. Will his instinct serve us in the United States?

I love it when a plan comes together.

We can define Diego as the life of the party, he is the first out and the last to leave.

He practice several sports such as paddle, soccer and snowboarding.

His other great passions are fashion, cook and, above all, see the world. That's why he has embarked on this project.

I cook it, I eat it.

Sergio is not a serious man and is too comfortable.

Everyone knows that he is passionate about computers and videogames.

Christian knows his secret: when he is drunk have no moral sense. Nothing is good and nothing is bad.

In the United States he will find himself. Or will be lost forever.

Why do I have to put a cool phrase?